About us

retailradio.fm has been specially developed for retail. Based on standard Internet Technology, retailradio.fm can be implemented in national and international environment over multiple locations. As you read this, retailradio.fm plays at several hundred retail spots. We offer a broad experience in different retail industries. Owing to the variety of offered music styles, it is possible to support different shop concepts with the right musical appearance.

retailradio.fm is a registered trademark of Bern, Switzerland, based Digital Media Distribution AG (DMDČ).

The team of DMDČ is specialized in the production and and development of individual radio solutions. Our core competencies are music editorship, music promotion as well as comprehensive communication consulting.

But above all: We love music!

Our music data base contains over 300' 000 titles from the most different style directions from rock and pop, over folk music up to classical music and jazz. We maintain good relations with artists and with the music industry and can thereby play the best music at the same time as it is played on regular over-the-air radio.

If you wish to find out more about DMDČ, you might want to visit our website.